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Business Owners, Independent Contractors,
and Sole Proprietors

We are now able to process SBA Covid Loans for up to $150,000



Loan Terms: 30 years


Rate: 3.75%


Can apply for as many businesses you own


Approvals under $25,000 do NOT require any collateral


Payments are deferred for 12 months with NO Prepayment Penalties!



Must have been in business prior to 2020


Applicant cannot be a felon


Applicant cannot have defaulted on any government loans in the past


Minimum credit score of 600


Applicant cannot be more than 60 days late on child support


Proceeds must be used for working capital (payroll, overhead, etc.)

The process takes about 4 weeks and most files approve without income documentation.

If you have already applied for the EIDL loan and have been turned down, please contact us.
We may be able to turn that decline into an approval!

Covid funding extended until Dec 31st, 2021

If you need help getting your application in correctly, let us help!

*The process takes anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks to fund. Most files approve without income documentation.
*Those who qualify for the max funding (150k) have a stated income at 300k or higher.
**Proof of revenue is not required, as long as the SBA can verify the business on their end.

General Inquiry Form

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**Please Note: Pre-qualification quotes are based on existing credit cards being the client’s primary lines, not authorized users. Please inform us if any accounts are AU’s.

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